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Who We Are

Green Advocacy Ghana (GreenAd) is an organization that aims at upholding and enhancing the sustainability and integrity of Ghana’s environment through:

  • Partnership in research and data collation on the state of the environment
  • Development and the availability of environmental databases
  • Capacity building and dissemination of environmental information
  • Attitudinal nurture to reflect positive environmental understanding
  • Application of environmental knowledge to engender sustainable lifestyles and communities
  • Promotion of and motivation for enforcement of laws and regulations

GreenAd is made up of people from various backgrounds and professions – Educators, Communicators, Scientists (Social etc), Engineers, Architects, Researchers, Journalist, Physicians, Economists, Artists, etc. as well as others from School and Community Clubs, Religious Organizations and Professional Associations

Our Mission
  • Nurturing positive environmental attitudes in children and the youth;
  • Challenging the adult population to shed off apathy to the environment;
  • Influencing actions and decisions of institutions, etc to thread sustainable paths
Our Vision

Be in the forefront as a most credible mouthpiece upholding environmental integrity and Championing sustainable actions and lifestyle for the Ghanaian today and posterity

Our Charge

We cannot continue to mortgage the environmental security of today, let alone that of future generations. We do not accept the:

  • Environmental ignorance of our people
  • Poverty cycle entrenched by environmental neglect
  • Avoidable environmentally inflicted health burden
  • Unsustainable economic and development gains that neglect the environment dimension
  • Low level of enforcement of planning and environmental laws

The yearning desire is to win the younger generation for the good course of the environment as the turning point.